The Author

I am so excited to add “author” to my list of skills and talents. I’ve teamed up with my mom and helped co-write our very first set of books, The Parent’s Guide to Kids Runway and The Parent’s Guide to Kids Runway…for Brown Girls! We get so many questions about how to get your kids into the runway industry so we are ‘spilling the beans’ and giving you all the best tips and tricks on how to get it done! We will teach you how to find designers, how to properly submit to castings, things to avoid doing that will get you blacklisted and even what to do after the show to help increase your odds of getting picked to walk again.

We have seen a LOT in this industry so are coming clean about the good, the bad, and the ugly, hoping we can help save you lots of wasted time and headaches,…and it’s under $10! Get your copy today!!

The Parent's Guide
to Kids Runway

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The Parent's Guide to Kids
Runway for Brown Girls

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