A Year Later

Today marks a year since the death of George Floyd. It’s a year later but the trauma is still fresh.

The other day, I woke up around the time my dad gets up to go to work. I heard the dryer and him walking back and forth from the laundry room to my mom and his bedroom, as he usually does.

Then I hear the front door close and my dad placing the keys in the top lock. As he walked away, I hear the sound of his keys fading away. I was laying in my bed just thinking. When I didn’t hear the keys anymore my mind went to, “What if something happens to him?”, “Is my dad next?” and “What if he doesn’t come home tonite?”

I know there are other Black people who have the same fears, but it saddened me to even know we have to think about if we would make it home or not…every single day.

Some people say “Make America Great Again” but when was it ever great? And “Why do people fight harder for animal rights than for equal human rights?” There will always be so many questions going through my head.

Because of George Floyd’s death, I’ve become more aware of the things going on around me and I want to speak up about the things I believe in and want to support.

No matter what happens, good or bad, find the lesson that will move you forward otherwise, you might get stuck in the “bad”.

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