Nice Girls DO Speak Up!

From a very young age, I was always taught to be nice and treat all people with respect. My parents taught this to all of us and I have seen it being modeled so much that it’s pretty much a habit of mine at this point.

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My Olympics Review From A Not-So-Sportsy Chick

As most people know, the Olympics have officially started and are coming to a close. This was my very first time watching, mainly because I was like eight last time and who really remembers anything from five years ago? Right?

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My Siblings Came Home And I Never Expected This…

In early July, all of my siblings decided to come home to visit for about a week. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited mainly because I’m just so used to having mom and dad to myself and didn’t feel like sharing them.

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A Year Later

Today marks a year since the death of George Floyd. It’s a year later but the trauma is still fresh.

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How Death Changed Me

For the past month, I took a break from social media because we had a death in the family. My grandpa (my dad’s dad) suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

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Celai West Mural To Honor Africa & Black History Month

Black History Month has always been known for celebrating the history and contributions of African Americans in America however Black History Month 2021 will definitely go down in the books as an unforgettable month for Celai West, Continue reading “Celai West Mural To Honor Africa & Black History Month”

Help Celai West Save The Planet!

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From Model To Mural

There is no better feeling than waking up to an artists’ interpretation of your image on the side of a building. That is exactly the thoughts of Celai West this past week when she discovered that an artist, by the name of Austin, created this masterpiece.

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Taking A Stand: Protect Kids, Not Pedos

Celai West is no stranger to standing up to issues she feels strongly about and this young activist is at it again. This time, she’s aiming to bring more awareness to protecting kids and not the pedos who victimize them.

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“Celai All Day” Tee NOW AVAILABLE! While supplies last…

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