Celai Celebrates Her Birthday By Looking Back

Image by Ed Nightingale of Celai, age 3

Today, the youngest professional runway model, also dubbed as the first African American Kid Supermodel, turns eleven! She’s looking forward to seeing how many barriers she can tear down this year and we are here for it all!

Last year, West went out on a limb and decided to publicly claim all her goals for the year and she was so excited to look back and see that even though this didn’t quite hit the mark on some of her goals, she managed to crush and exceedingly surpass others. In the spirit of her infamous runway “look back”, she plans to look back and celebrate all of her accomplishments from when she humbly began her journey at just three years old.

If you have ever met Celai  West, the one thing that stands out the most is her humble spirit.  Where many would expect a larger-than-life diva personality, they are frequently surprised to instead find a very childlike individual with an old soul who prefers to avoid the celebrity spotlight.

When speaking with her mom about Celai’s humble spirit, Linda explained, “Celai has yet to grasp the magnitude of her gifts.  They are much bigger than herself and I believe it will take some time for her to fully understand the purpose God has chosen her to walk in.” She also mentions that teaching Celai to acknowledge her accomplishments and that it’s ok to be proud of yourself has been a process. “She’s still learning that saying you are proud of yourself is ok. Even if you feel like your work isn’t done yet, saying you are proud of the work you HAVE done is ok,…then you keep going. Don’t wait until your work is done to pat yourself on the back. It may never be done.”

So, this year, Celai is going to learn to take this single day just to celebrate…Celai.

Image by CreativeSoul Photography

If Celai has inspired or encouraged you along the way, please feel free to drop her a line or comment below.

3 thoughts on “Celai Celebrates Her Birthday By Looking Back

  1. Hi Celai West so proud of you you remind me so much of my daughter Tajiana she is 8 years old but she has been modeling since the age of 2.
    I read about you last year when me and my daughter went to NewYork Fashion Week it was so amazing to see a young black girl in a high fashion runway fashion show for NYFW. You are truly and inspiration to my girls to keep pushing the boundaries of life and no matter how old you are Never limit yourself.
    Happy Birthday Day, Baby Girl
    Stay humble and always keep God first.

    Sincerely Your fans La’Tricia and Tajiana Reynolds

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