Celai West Goes Global To Change Bias Against Afro-Textured Hair


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Celai West goes global to end discrimination towards afro-textured hair at World Afro Day 2019, in the United Kingdom, on September 13th. Bias against afro textured hair in society can create exclusion, shame and feelings of inferiority but West and World Afro Day seek to change just that, together and on a global scale. Join us for the Big Hair Assembly, one huge event streamed live around the world, by signing up at www.WorldAfroDay.com!

World Afro Day was created to promote education and appreciation of afro textured hair around the world. Afro hair is rarely celebrated however straight hair is considered the epitome of success and beauty, and it is promoted everyday through fairytales , films, television, social media , consumer products and advertising, etc.

In a recent video (shown below), West described some of the biases she exprienced while on set and vowed to create a change towards texture bias in the industry. Due to a lack of texture representation, Celai hopes to use her own platform to show all girls who have hair like hers, that it IS beautiful and they don’t have to feel bad or listen to what other people may say about their hair. Keep going, Celai!


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