Celai West Mural To Honor Africa & Black History Month

Black History Month has always been known for celebrating the history and contributions of African Americans in America however Black History Month 2021 will definitely go down in the books as an unforgettable month for Celai West, the moment the talented artist, Enkone, reached out to say he was doing a piece of her. “And it’s huge” he said before sending an image with only the hair and headwrap on a huge canvas, the side of El Pollo Loco, in  Inglewood, CA.

The mural is absolutely magnificent and has captured the attention of several news outlets curious to speak to the artist. So far, the mural has been featured on GoodDay LA Fox11 News, LA Weekly and LA Unscripted KTLA 5 News. It has also captured the attention of the Inglewood locals who have come out to take pictures, interview the artist and support his message.

With all the buzz going around, Celai West was inspired to visit the location as well to see it for herself.  “It’s HUGE!” she recalls when she first walked up to the site. ” Definitely much bigger than I expected it to be but it looks just like me! I love it!”

Check out what else West had to say about the mural and the artist, whom she was able to meet and talk to at the site.

She is very honored that Enkone chose her to paint and she looks forward to visiting the location for years to come. If you are interested in visiting the mural in person,  the address is:

El Pollo Loco
3350 W. Vernon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90008