Celai West Takes Her Love Of Science To Start Her Beauty Series

Celai West has taken her love of science and skin care to start a beauty series on her YouTube channel! She does quick, informative videos to show everyone that simple ingredients found in most of our kitchens can be used in more than one way.

Celai regularly receives gift boxes and gift bags and she discovered that she loves using these cool products on her face. Unfortunately, her skin didn’t respond well to most of the products which lead to clogged pores, breakouts and hyper-pigmentation.

Celai is also a STEMgirl (a girls who loves science, technology, engineering and math) and has a love for mixing different “concoctions” in the name of science. For safety reasons, her mother, wanted to encourage her love of science while discouraging her desire to mix dangerous chemicals found around the house. So mom encouraged Celai to research different things in their home, herbs, extracts, plants and essential oils that are great for the skin.

Celai realized that using simple and natural ingredient products worked so much better for her skin than products laced with ingredients most people can’t even pronounce. Realizing that some many suffer from skin issues, she decided to share some of her “special ingredients” as well as recipes with you.

So far, her beauty series includes face mists, toners, masks and scrubs that are skin loving and super easy to make. Make sure you check out her Beauty Series and be sure to subscribe so that you can see what she makes next!