Celai West’s Ugly Truth Of The Industry’s Discrimnatory Treatment

If you have been on social media, you have probably already seen the countless stories Black models experience while working on set. Celai, although still a minor, has not been immune to this treatment so we recently took to Twitter to share all of the horror stories she experienced while working on set…and she is shaking things up!

It initially began when Celai and her mom posted to Instagram about the multiple times she was mishandled, with different clients, by the same hairstylist. Due to Instagram’s character limitations, we decided to head over to Twitter to create an entire thread detailing each experience. We also felt it was very important to name the individuals who were responsible as our goal was not to just talk about it, we wanted it to change.

(click image to view entire thread)

We were flooded with stories from other girls and adults that sounded all too familiar as well as words of encouragement from all over the world. That inspired Celai to use these experiences to help create change.

Celai says it’s important to share her story because she doesn’t want any other girls who look like her to go through what she went through and she wants to make every effort to fix this broken system that regularly affects Black talent in this industry. It is time for change!

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