From Model To Mural

There is no better feeling than waking up to an artists’ interpretation of your image on the side of a building. That is exactly the thoughts of Celai West this past week when she discovered that an artist, by the name of Austin, created this masterpiece.

At first, she assumed it was just a graphic design made to look like it was on a building until she viewed the entire gallery of images, which included the wall with just the outline.

Under the Instagram post, @austinzart wrote, “Tilted Quantum Beauty. This mural is inspired by @celaiwest a young woman who inspires others to be exactly who they are.”

“I’ve never had a mural of me done before so it made me feel really good to know I’m inspiring people to be exactly who they were created to be.” says Celai.

The mural is located at 2550 Larimer Street in Denver, CO. If you happen to be a local and want to visit, please tag Celai West on social media so she can see your images!

Original image by photographer Jones Germanni of Sacramento, CA.