Celai West Gets Real With Us | Lounging With Celai West Webseries Now On YouTube

Celai West and her dad, Charles West, have teamed up for a new webseries titled Lounging With Celai West. The webseries will be available on YouTube so if you haven’t already subscribed to her YouTube channel, you may want to head over and do that today by clicking here.

Due to his hectic work schedule, Charles West had been unable to attend most of Celai’s events while on the road, however last year, he was fortunate to attend NYFW with her for the very first time. While in Times Square, Charles began to ask Celai interview questions and their peculiar responses had a couple of bystanders undeniably tickled and entertained. It was that moment the idea was born.

This web series aims to show some of the real life “behind the scenes” conversations and life lessons that have helped Celai become who she is today while also learning some cool facts and stories about her personal life.