My Siblings Came Home And I Never Expected This…

In early July, all of my siblings decided to come home to visit for about a week. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited mainly because I’m just so used to having mom and dad to myself and didn’t feel like sharing them.

Last time I saw them, I was pretty salty about it. There is such a large age gap between us (26, 24 and 20) that we didn’t really have a ton of similar interests. I felt I could never really relate to them so I would just sit back and watch them hang out with each other while I was left out, all by myself.

When they first got here I was still pretty salty but after about a day of warming up to the idea, I was able to open up more with them. For the first time we were all able to hang out together and this time I was able to join in on some of their conversations which made me feel really good.

Also, usually when they leave, I feel like “Ok, now back to the way things usually are” but this time I kinda did feel sad because we had so much fun together (without mom and dad).

I think that now that I’m a little older, I’m able to understand them more, participate in their conversations and they don’t view me as a “baby” anymore. I now feel more comfortable asking for their advice and respecting their opinions.

I’m going to make it a point to call and text them more often because bonding with them means a lot to me…now. Plus, they are pretty awesome 😊

Do you have much older siblings too?