The 365/24/7 Black History Month Movement

Now that Black History Month has ended, the Black History Month Movement has begun and Celai West was honored to “stut her stuff” in this epic project. West was selected to portray a young Donyale Luna, the first Black Supermodel, who was the first African American to appear on the cover of the British edition of Vogue Magazine, in May 1966.

Yesterday, March 1st, this video was posted in an effort to encourage the celebration of Black History Month every single day and the message spread like wildfire! The message simply is it’s virtually impossible to fit all of the excellence and “magic” into 28 or 29 days so we are not going to even try. Black History is 365/24/7 so Happy Black History Month today, tomorrow and the day after that too. Now go be EXCELLENT and make history!!

How many Black icons could YOU name in the video?

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