“It’s never about the tee. It’s about how empowered she feels when she’s wearing the tee.” was inspired from and created by Celai West, a little girl who loves to talk, but most importantly, a little girl who LOVES her big hair. There was a time when little brown girls hated the color of their skin and the kinks in their hair, but Celai West is “different”. From her bold and unique fashion sense, her big hair and her love and acceptance for what God has blessed her with, we think she is the perfect catalyst to help forge this much-needed change.

“When she was 6, I realized that Celai had something I desperately craved as a child: self acceptance.” says her mom. “Celai would be the only little black girl at her school with her hair worn natural and down. Black moms gave me strange looks for not keeping her hair “tamed” and in ponytails, however, by the end of the school year, I noticed that quite a few other students began to wear their hair natural and down as well. She unknowingly inspired a trend at school and now, on social media.”

Celai West created to help teach children that they are perfect the way they are, simply because God made them that way.