Nice Girls DO Speak Up!

From a very young age, I was always taught to be nice and treat all people with respect. My parents taught this to all of us and I have seen it being modeled so much that it’s pretty much a habit of mine at this point.

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My Olympics Review From A Not-So-Sportsy Chick

As most people know, the Olympics have officially started and are coming to a close. This was my very first time watching, mainly because I was like eight last time and who really remembers anything from five years ago? Right?

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My Siblings Came Home And I Never Expected This…

In early July, all of my siblings decided to come home to visit for about a week. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited mainly because I’m just so used to having mom and dad to myself and didn’t feel like sharing them.

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A Year Later

Today marks a year since the death of George Floyd. It’s a year later but the trauma is still fresh.

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How Death Changed Me

For the past month, I took a break from social media because we had a death in the family. My grandpa (my dad’s dad) suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

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